Host A Special Event With A Professional Catering Company

When you host a family, church, or business special event, you want everything to be perfect. To help you with your event, you can get the assistance and expertise of a professional catering company, such as Marians Island Wide Catering. When deciding on a catering company to hire, you should meet with them, see their facilities, and taste their food. Here are some things you can do when considering a catering company to hire for your special event:  Read More 

3 Tips For Getting Repeat Customers For Your Delivery Restaurant

If you operate a restaurant that specializes in delivering food, like pizza, to people in your area, you might always be looking for ways to bring in new customers. This is obviously an important part of making your business grow, but another thing that you may want to focus on is encouraging customers to call back time and time again. Luckily, following these tips can help. 1. Be Honest About Delivery Times Read More 

4 Appliances You Need For Your New Basement Bar

If you are in the process of adding a bar to your basement, you need to make sure that you put the right appliances in so that you have an awesome bar where you and your friends will enjoy hanging out. Here are the top appliances you need to put into your new basement bar. #1 Wine Cooler If you want to have a real bar, you need more than a wine rack; you need to have a wine cooler. Read More 

Using Olive Oil To Ward Off Cancer

Cooking with olive oil allows you to gain flavor without compromising the integrity of your main dish. Olive oil, which has been a staple of many Mediterranean diets for years, can do more than just help flavor your food. Here are some simple ways that ingesting olive oil on a daily basis can help you ward off cancer in the future. 1. Olive oil contains a powerful antioxidant. You are probably familiar with the term " Read More