4 Things To Know About A Barbecue Charcoal Smoker

Grilling meat is one thing, but smoking it is something different entirely. If you want to enjoy some meat that has a smoky flavor and is really soft and tender, then it's time to purchase the right tools for the job. When buying a smoker, one option you have is getting a charcoal smoker. A charcoal smoker is one of the more popular types of smokers you can purchase.

The Set-Up of the Smoker

Different types of smokers have different anatomy. With a charcoal smoker, on the bottom are intake dampers, with a base pan and a charcoal pan. Above that is a smoke chamber, where there is a water bowl with a lower and upper grate for the meat. Then, the lid has a temperature gauge and exhaust damper on it.

A charcoal smoker can come in various sizes and shapes but generally follows the anatomy listed above.

Heat Is Provided by Charcoal

With a smoker, the charcoal provides the heat, which is in the bottom of the unit. This feature can get really hot and produce a lot of heat. The heat is what cooks the meat. How much heat is created depends upon how much air you allow into the unit. You can move the air intakes around that are located near the coal, and this will impact how much heat is produced. The greater the amount of hair, the hotter the charcoal will get.

Wood Chips Add Extra Flavor

With a charcoal grill, you can add wood chips to get a little extra flavor in your meat. There is generally a place where you can add wood chips, and the chemicals that burn off add flavor to the food. With the strategic use of wood chips, you can add a lot of depth to the food that you are cooking. You can even pull the smoke from the wood chips across the food by controlling the airflow.

If you are really craving a smoky flavor, using wood chips is a great way to do so, and the charcoal also adds its own depth of flavor.

Requires Attention

The one thing you have to really keep in mind with charcoal grills is that they require a lot of attention. They have to be watched over throughout the cooking process, and you will need to adjust the air intake and add coals throughout the smoking process, which can last for hours, depending on what you are cooking. Working with a smoker is more involved than an electric or gas unit throughout the cooking and cleanup process.

A charcoal smoker provides you with an excellent depth of flavor and texture but does require a little more attention and knowledge than other smoking methods.  To learn more, contact a company like Smoke Baum.