4 Appliances You Need For Your New Basement Bar

If you are in the process of adding a bar to your basement, you need to make sure that you put the right appliances in so that you have an awesome bar where you and your friends will enjoy hanging out. Here are the top appliances you need to put into your new basement bar.

#1 Wine Cooler

If you want to have a real bar, you need more than a wine rack; you need to have a wine cooler. Even if you are just slightly interested in wine right now, putting in a wine cooler will give you a specific space to put your wine.

You can purchase a stand alone wine cooler or have one built-in to your new bar. If you go with the built in option, you'll want to make sure you install a nice wine cooler that has all the best features since it will be a fixture in your bar for years to come. Make sure that the wine cooler you have installed has a duel-zone cooling, allowing you to store both white and red wines inside of your cooler. You should also make sure that your wine cooler can hold at least a dozen bottles or so, so you can keep a variety of different wines ready to go. 

#2 Kegerator

To accompany your wine cooler, you need to also purchase a kegerator. With a kegerator, you will feel like you have a real bar in your house when you can enjoy your favorite brews straight from the tap. If your new bar is small, you can install a single-tap kegerator. If you have a lot of space and plan on doing a lot of entertaining, you can install a triple-tap kegerator.

A kegerator is designed to keep your beer at the ideal drinking temperature. You can fill it up with your own kegs from beer you brew yourself, or you can purchase kegs from your favorite local brewery to put in your kegerator. 

#3 Beverage Refrigerator

You are going to need a place to put your canned beers, alcohol, soda ,and mixers, which is why a beverage refrigerator is a must-have for your new bar. The best thing about a beverage refrigerator is the door is generally made of glass, allowing you to quickly see what beverages you have with a quick glance.

You can go with a more economical size that is made to just hold 12oz cans, or you can scale up for one that is designed more for 20oz bottles. You can build a space for it right into your new bar.

#4 Ice Maker

Finally, if you really want to call your new space a bar, you need to purchase an ice-maker. You don't need a big refrigerator in order to have an ice-maker. You can purchase a small-ice maker that fits under your bar if you are designing a smaller bar space, or if you are going all-out with your bar, you can purchase a large-stand alone ice-maker for your space. 

You don't even have to keep it full all the time, you can purchase an ice-maker that you can program to just produce ice when you need it.

With your own ice maker, you'll be able to make mixed drinks for all of your bar guests. 

If you are building your own basement bar, make sure that you add in space for the four appliances listed above. These four appliances will allow you to really get the bar experience at home. For more information about appliances you need, tlak to a professional like Shealy-Hodges Corporation.