The 5 Best Times To Give Chocolate As A Gift

Chocolate is a relatively safe gift to give anytime, as long as the recipient does not have a chocolate allergy. However, there are certain times when the gift of chocolate will be appreciated even more. If you know someone going through one of the following five situations and you are looking for a gift for them, then make sure a quality chocolates, through a place like Abdallah Candies And Gifts, is on your list. 

Before a Marathon

A study has found that chocolate consumption before participating in an athletic event can extend an athlete's endurance and limit their exhaustion. While the initial study was done with cyclists, who were found to cycle 49%-51% longer after ingesting chocolate, it is likely that the benefits extend to other strenuous activity as well. This means that chocolate can make an excellent good luck gift before an intense sporting event such as a marathon. 

However, you should think twice about giving chocolate as a congratulatory gift after the sporting event, as studies have found that exercise decreases an individual's cravings for chocolate. 

Before Menstruation or After Menopause

Before menstruation, women have low levels of estrogen and serotonin, which can cause stress, anxiety, and depression, usually known as premenstrual syndrome. The carbohydrates in chocolate and the stimulating affect it has on women have been known to help reduce stress and make PMS symptoms easier for women. 

However, in rare cases, chocolate may actually tip the emotional scales and induce rage in some premenstrual women. This is because a woman's level of MAOs are also low during that period, which means that some of the stimulants in chocolate can act like amphetamine on a woman's brain. However, this is much less common than the positive reaction to chocolate that many women exhibit. 

After menopause, women produce much less estrogen than they do before menopause, which puts them in a low hormonal state similar to their PMS state. Additionally, they often exhibit low levels of magnesium salt, which is present in chocolate and results in many menopausal women craving chocolate. While you could offer a magnesium supplement to these women, a gift of gourmet chocolates may go over better.  

Directly Before a Serious Conversation 

Some experts have found that chocolate, especially tasty, high-quality chocolates, give an individual an emotional lift for about three minutes. This is generally said to be caused by the taste of the chocolate, not a chemical or hormonal reaction. 

If you want to get a serious conversation off to a good start, you might offer a piece of chocolate and then immediately dive into the conversation while the emotional benefits are still in effect. This could work with employees in the office or with a significant other. 

After a Sad Event 

One study found that eating chocolate after watching a sad movie dramatically reduced the negative mood participants experienced. If you have a friend that is sad, or if you have just watched a sad film and want to get out of the emotional funk it set you in, then go out for a chocolate treat. It may just boost your and your friend's mood. 

Before an Exam 

If you want to encourage someone to do well in their classes, you might give them the gift of chocolate. However, you should make sure that you give them the chocolate just before class, so it is with them while they are learning the material. Studies have shown that people are better able to concentrate, look at slides longer, and recall material easier when it is presented while the aroma of chocolate is present. 

The gift of chocolate during one of these stressful periods lets someone know that you are thinking of them and wishing them the best.